Who We Are


We Are Composable Experts

Aries Solutions boasts the highest number of live commercetools implementations in North America. Our team collectively has the experience of 33 commercetools implementations and counting. We are composable commerce experts.

We offer strategic and technical services as a composable commerce implementer and consultancy. Our team specializes in commercetools implementations and the entire headless ecosystem. We stand apart from other commercetools partners and composable consultants because we have the highest concentration of expertise in North America.

Our expertise gives your organization the confidence to launch successfully.

That is composable confidence.

Odds are if there has been a commercetools implementation in North America in the last five years, someone on our team has been a part of it.

– Jake Mays, CEO


Composable Direction & Planning

We have provided many enterprise organizations with planning, direction, and the confidence that their organization can adopt composable commerce. As your strategic partner, Aries brings technical directors, solutions architects, principal engineers, and program managers to ensure you have a viable plan and are taking the necessary steps for a successful implementation.

For organizations considering composable commerce or just beginning their transformation, Aries offers its fixed-cost, fixed-time composable assessment to create a comprehensive blueprint that gives you the confidence you need to kick off your project.

If your organization is in the process of its transformation and you need assistance, Aries is proficient in partnering with enterprises on their in-flight projects to help them succeed.


Our Hybrid Approach

One of the benefits of composable commerce is the freedom headless platforms give organizations to implement unique differentiators that make them market leaders. Often, we find organizations want to be involved in the execution and implementation of their composable projects so they can own and maintain their new platforms post-launch.

Aries is experienced in working on these hybrid implementations and has defined successful approaches for having our delivery teams work side-by-side with you and your teams. Our engineers bring the expertise and additional capacity needed during development-heavy implementation projects while supporting your engineers as they learn composable patterns and platforms. Our delivery leadership helps your leadership adopt the new ways of working that composable commerce enables, and our governance works with your project stakeholders to ensure the right people are involved and included along the way.

This approach ensures your organization, from individual contributors to executives, has the confidence to adopt and operate composable commerce.


Composable Implementer

Aries is capable of doing full end-to-end delivery of your composable project. We understand headless technology and have all the practices necessary to make your composable commerce implementation successful. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and many options are available to our clients to build a solution that meets their needs. Our experience makes us unique. All our resources are skilled in headless best-of-breed technologies.

composable frontend development

Frontend Development

Our Frontend practice is adept in modern React interfaces and using CSS frameworks like Tailwind. The Aries frontend developers work with your organization to bring your customers’ experience to life.

Backend Development

Our Backend practice builds Java, .NET, and Node microservices, APIs, and serverless functions in cloud-native architectures. The Aries developers know the headless technology ecosystem and can integrate your SaaS and enterprise platforms for a complete solution.

composable backend development
composable delivery


Our Delivery practice includes product owners, scrum masters, project managers, and business analysts. We have worked with organizations to help them adapt to the new ways of working that composable commerce enables. Our delivery experts know the steps, processes, and governance necessary to successfully deliver your project.


Our Cloud practice operates on AWS, Azure, and Google. We have successfully delivered composable commerce implementations in all these cloud providers. The Aries cloud developers can help you move to the cloud, expand your capabilities, or implement CI/CD for agile development.

composable cloud
composable QA


Our QA practice understands that testing headless and composable platforms differs from testing traditional monolithic platforms. Using tools like Postman, our QA teams know how to effectively test your headless and API-centric platforms to ensure a fully functional, best-in-class headless commerce experience.

Who We’ve Helped

Composable client: Bath & Body Works
Composable client: Cycling Sports Group
Composable client: DSW
Composable client: Express
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MSC logo
PetSmart logo
Composable client: Rich's Product Corp.
Composable client: Sportsman's Guide
Composable client: Wild Fork

Composable Commerce for Everyone

We specialize in composable commerce across multiple verticals. We understand each business has its own unique requirements, and each business model has unique customer and business needs.

At Aries, we are proficient in implementing business-to-consumer (B2C), direct-to-consumer (DTC), and business-to-business (B2B) commerce. We know individual consumers have different expectations than business customers – especially around features like pricing, payments, order management, and fulfillment. Aries has experience in each business model. We have confidence your business will succeed with composable commerce.