Composable Confidence Assessment


Getting Started with Composable Commerce

We packaged our composable experience into a fixed-cost, four-week composable assessment that provides you with a complete, tailored plan for composable commerce. This plan includes budget, timing, and resources.

Our assessment uses eight workshops across four key areas – products, orders, customer, and post-purchase – to design your plan. We review this plan with you at the end of the assessment and deliver the Solution & Design Document and Program & Delivery Plan. These documents have all the details needed for you to start and complete a composable commerce project.

This assessment gives you the confidence composable commerce is right for your organization, and the plan to launch successfully.

Is This For Me?

If you are interested in composable commerce but are unsure where to start, need help defining the total cost of a composable implementation, or want details on how headless technology integrates into your existing technology, then this assessment is for you.

Our composable assessment gives you everything you need to make an informed decision about composable commerce. You’ll have confidence your organization is ready! This is composable confidence.


Your Composable Plan & Direction

We know composable transformations are a big deal for your organization and can feel challenging. At Aries, we don’t think composable commerce is complex, we believe you need the right partner with the right experience. With our composable assessment, your organization will have the details to start and complete your project successfully. You will feel confident composable commerce meets your needs.

Aries delivers your plan details in two documents at the end of the four-week assessment: the Solution & Design Document to provide the project’s What and Where, and the Program & Delivery Plan to provide the project’s Who and When.

Solution & Design Document

The Solution & Design Document portion of the composable assessment details our recommended technical solution and architecture. It contains:

  • Architecture diagrams and key technologies.
  • Documentation of technical needs and requirements.
  • Identification of unique business needs and solutions.
  • Inventory of integrations.
  • Technology gaps and recommended solutions.

Program & Delivery Plan

The Program & Delivery Plan outlines the scope, roadmap, project plan, and cost. It contains:

  • A visual project plan and timeline.
  • Resources for delivery and post-launch support.
  • An implementation roll-out and go-live plan.
  • A RAID log.
  • Estimated costs and budget.

We engaged Aries Solutions to help accelerate our understanding of the composable commerce landscape. We took advantage of their 4-week commerce evaluation offering and quickly realized we were working with absolute professionals and experts in the space. Through this collaboration, we not only identified the composable commerce architecture to support our business goals but also the necessary program and delivery plan to achieve them. If you are looking to move towards a headless and composable architecture, we would recommend a partner like Aries Solutions.

– Digital VP, NRF Top 100 Retailer


Choosing the Right Partner

When implementing composable commerce, you need to feel confident you’re choosing the right partner. With the collective experience of over 30 composable commerce implementations across multiple industries and business models, Aries gives you that confidence.

Aries knows what it takes to launch successfully. That is composable confidence. Get your composable assessment today!

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