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headless personalization by Yasamine June

Headless Personalization in Composable Commerce

As a next step to composable commerce, we often see customers looking at how to do personalization within headless ecosystems. In our approach, personalization generally falls into three main categories supported by one or more personalization platforms: customer grouping, product affinity, and targeting.
GraphQL middleware by Mark Boss

GraphQL Security: New Tools to Mitigate Against Bad Actors

Your GraphQL implementation can provide new opportunities for your organization to combat malicious traffic and bad actors. This will not replace best practices for securing sensitive data, but these practices help mitigate illegitimate traffic like bots, scripts, and denial-of-service attacks. Here are three ways Aries uses GraphQL to protect your site.
backend for frontend by Vardan Papikyan

Backend For Frontend Layers: Your BFFs

An Aries client recently decided to tackle BFF (Backend For Frontend) layers, how they should be implemented, and which best practices should be followed in a composable implementation. Our CTO, Tim Steele, provided an impressive workshop diving into the details, edge cases, and best practices tying it all directly to this specific project. While it’s impossible to capture the immense value this workshop provided in a blog post, I’d like to showcase some of the highlights.

Aries Solutions Launches Aries Labs

Aries Solutions is proud to announce the launch of Aries Labs, a new open-source initiative designed to facilitate MACH implementations with enterprise-grade microservices and extensions. These open-source projects address common requirements of composable implementations, significantly accelerating project velocity.
laptop on a desk by Kari Shea

What Does QA Mean?

If you were to plug the question, "What does QA mean?" into your favorite search tool, you would get about 7,980,000 results. However, we need to define what Q.A. is an acronym for before we can start talking about the true definition of it. I want to take a step back to reset our foundation when we talk about QA. So let’s get into it; what does QA really mean?
composable confidence Rubik's cube by Olav Ahrens Røtne

Aries is Composable Confidence

As a market leader in commercetools and composable commerce implementations, Aries Solutions is Composable Confidence. We have proven time and again that we know what it takes to launch composable commerce implementations successfully.
three people working around a laptop by Windows

The Aries Solutions Partnership With Algolia

We are excited to officially announce our partnership with Algolia! Algolia is a renowned provider of powerful search and discovery solutions. Together, we aim to elevate and deliver excellent, streamlined workflows and search capabilities.
People working by Annie Spratt

The 3 A’s: Agile, Automation, and AI

A strange, uneasy feeling came over me while I chatted with a project manager about an upcoming ecommerce project. As we talked about the project's goals, expectations from the team, the timeline, and the challenges the project team will face, the stranger I started to feel. Looking at the chicken scratches on my iPad, which passed as my notes, the source of the unease jumped out in three bullet points: Agile, Automation, and AI. These three elements can make or break your project.