commercetools Accelerator: The MACH Booster


The Aries commercetools Accelerator

Our commercetools accelerator, The MACH Booster, uses prebuilt components and a proven delivery approach to decrease project time and cost. Only The MACH Booster has Aries’ composable commerce expertise and gives you the foundation and governance needed to make your project successful.

The MACH Booster delivers end-to-end, anonymous commerce using your products within 100 days of kick-off.

Accelerator Objectives

Our commercetools accelerator, The MACH Booster, achieves three objectives:

  1. Speed
    The MACH Booster decreases the time needed to start and complete your project and reduces your total overall cost.
  2. Predictability
    The MACH Booster uses proven and repeatable methods for delivering composable projects, giving you a predictable project budget and timeline.
  3. Confidence
    The MACH Booster delivers core commerce capabilities in 100 days, giving you and your organization confidence you can succeed with composable commerce.

The MACH Booster is a true accelerator, not a bundled or pre-packaged solution. It has pre-built reusable components and proven processes to start and deliver your project quickly. Our accelerator lets you focus your project’s time and effort on what makes your business unique, not the standard features every commerce site needs.

Accelerator Components

Our commercetools accelerator has solutions for all the areas your composable commerce implementation needs to be successful.

  1. Cloud & Developer Operations
    Our infrastructure-as-code scripts allow us to quickly set up your cloud, CI/CD pipelines, and developer tools.
  2. Frontend Components
    Our pre-built React component library provides you with core commerce capabilities that let you deploy a great shopping experience to your customers.
  3. Backend API & Services
    Our prebuilt APIs and services extend commercetools functions with the common features and middleware your business needs to run and operate a commerce experience.
  4. Governance & Delivery
    Our proven project management and program delivery methods ensure your project is successful, on time, and on budget.
An infographic showing the Aries commercetools accelerator MACH Booster components of cloud, frontend, and backend.
The MACH Booster accelerator architecture diagram