David Leslie

David Leslie

David's current professional focus is on test strategies for MACH projects, cloud testing of mobile applications, warehouse/order management system testing, and searching for ways to automate functional tests at the speed of agile. He also enjoys giving back to the QA community by mentoring new QA testers and attending events like QA or the Highway.
Testing headless

Testing at MACH Speed: H is for Headless

Like the Headless Horseman, the frontend and backend are decoupled in headless ecommerce. This means that testers no longer have to wait for both the frontend and the backend to be completed before they start testing. But this also means that they have to, in a sense, test the same feature three different times. So how do you do this?
API construction

Testing at MACH Speed: A is for APIs

Testing APIs used in the MACH framework is essential to ensure that they are reliable, efficient, and secure. By following the best practices outlined here, you can certify that your APIs are able to handle the demands of a busy ecommerce environment.
lego bricks

Testing at MACH Speed: M is for Microservices

As the M in the MACH framework acronym, understanding the role that Microservices play is critical to understanding how to test them during development as well as during End-to-End testing. Think of microservices like individual Lego bricks that, on their own, don’t do much. But, when they are combined, they can build anything.