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We have taken a lot of steps to amass the highest concentration of composable talent in North America. Our team not only leads in practice but also in industry knowledge. Dive into their brains with our collection of ecommerce blog articles, written by these impressive thought leaders.

Testing at MACH Speed: A is for APIs

API construction
Testing APIs used in the MACH framework is essential to ensure that they are reliable, efficient, and secure. By following the best practices outlined here, you can certify that your APIs are able to handle the demands of a busy ecommerce environment.

Testing at MACH Speed: M is for Microservices

lego bricks
As the M in the MACH framework acronym, understanding the role that Microservices play is critical to understanding how to test them during development as well as during End-to-End testing. Think of microservices like individual Lego bricks that, on their own, don’t do much. But, when they are combined, they can build anything.

Managing Multiple commercetools Projects with Terraform

terraform project
The commercetools platform simplifies managing products, categories, user accounts, and other aspects of a modern eCommerce website. However, commercetools does not have an environment migration function to promote changes. To facilitate project migrations, there is a Terraform provider for commercetools to make it easier to administer these settings, an essential component to moving changes from a development project to a production project. This article will explore how to manage Project Settings as a general example of organizing a commercetools Terraform project.

Three Ways to Determine if You Have a Legacy Platform

Head scratching
In a world of turn-key eCommerce, one-click installs, and talking to bots to find your order, why does it take so long to change an item's price? It might be time to reconsider our eCommerce software choice because it looks like we’re using a legacy platform.

Two (or More) Heads Are Better Than One

Headless Commerce Architecture
“Headless” is very marketable, but “head” is not the best metaphor for an interface. People don’t have more than one head, and their head never changes. A better but less catchy metaphor is a hat. Like hats, your interfaces change to meet the user’s situation.

Headless Commerce Isn’t Rocket Surgery

Model Rocket Banner
We have done monolith implementations, and we have done composable implementations. Any major commerce project has challenges. We believe the notoriety around composable's complexity isn't because it is harder than monoliths but because it is different.